Review of SAFEMEAT Partners' Terms of Reference


SAFEMEAT is the partnership between the red meat and livestock industry and the state and federal governments of Australia.

SAFEMEAT is seeking proposals from interested consultants to conduct a review of SAFEMEAT Partners’ Terms of Reference and to provide recommendations for modifications to the Terms of Reference and operations of SAFEMEAT for SAFEMEAT consideration.


A proposal addressing the requirements should be lodged electronically to Jane Weatherley, Chief Executive Officer, Integrity Systems Company by 5pm 31 January 2018.

Late applications will NOT be accepted.

For further information please contact:

SAFEMEAT queries
Ross Keane
SAFEMEAT Partners Chair
0409 047 697

Project queries
Jane Weatherley
Chief Executive Officer, ISC Limited
0407 535 122

Did You Know...

Australia holds a disease free status for FMD and TSE (BSE or 'mad-cows' disease and Scrapie)

The Australian red meat industry works closely with state and federal government agencies to ensure Australia’s meat safety systems remain world class.

Australian red meat —
Safe, healthy and delicious.

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