Strengthening Australia's Integrity System programs through improved compliance


Integrity Systems Company (ISC) is seeking proposals from experienced consultants with the capability to deliver a comprehensive report outlining key opportunities for strengthening the integrity programs through improved compliance.

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Proposals must be lodged electronically as a Word document to: and must be received by close of 5pm Friday 24 March (Sydney time)
A proposal is required from experienced consultants that address the following:

1. A clear understanding of the issues and response to the identified deliverables

2. Proposed methodology/ies, including:
• approach to be undertaken 
• timetable of activities and milestones

3. Consultant and team capabilities, skills and experience
• Proven ability of all team members to complete contracts on time and budget and meet client needs.
• Knowledge and experience of all team members in conducting research that involves reviewing accreditation /compliance programs, and involved extensive stakeholder consultation and analysis.

4. An understanding of Australia’s Integrity Systems programs, global competitors and their systems and key stakeholder groups.

5. A detailed budget, including and outline of daily fees and expenses
Applications will be assessed against each of these areas.

Further Information:

Damon Holmes
Integrity Program Manager
Integrity Systems Company
Phone: 0408 158 891

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